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 Life through the Spirit

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Life through the Spirit Empty
PostSubject: Life through the Spirit   Life through the Spirit EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 8:00 pm

Living life through the spirit, and not through the flesh is probably one of the most important Teachings to consider. Romans Chapter 8 covers it well. When a person would consider the Spirit which dwells in them, it can be a real eye opener.
I live my life, as many of you, always asking; What would Yeshuah Do? Even when it comes to the associations one keeps, friends, and dealings amongst each other. Yahweh gave us choices to make and the free will to do so, all he asks of us is to live by the Spirit, Romans 8:5, which also tells us what is involved with living in the sinful nature, or worldly mind set. One brings life and peace; the other only death and misery.
A person should be very aware of their spirituality in order not to fall in the pit of deception taught by men and governments. Subtle lies and ways are the Devil's best instrument to lead us, unwittingly, away from the path of God. A person of Yahweh should be ever vigilant.
Please share your thoughts, experiences, and passages with us.
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Life through the Spirit
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