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 Humble Spirit

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PostSubject: Humble Spirit   Humble Spirit EmptySat Jan 02, 2010 12:23 pm

>> Yahweh is against proud peolpe, but humble peolpe He give grace.<< Peter 5:5

Proud spirit is high for people's own supposition, self-love and fleshly passion.
Humble spirit is really high, high for Yahweh's respect and high in mind; because his/her mind go by straight on Heaven.

>>Who onself decrease like child, his/her roots is from Heaven's Kingdom.<< Math. 18:4

And so enjoys also he/she, who is rather humble, on Earth he/she gets more forestate of Heaven.
Yahweh Himself say:
>>I live in them, who have broken and humble spirit, because I refresh humble spirit and give broken heart again to live.<< Jes. 57:15
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Pastor Rob
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Pastor Rob

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PostSubject: Re: Humble Spirit   Humble Spirit EmptySat Jan 02, 2010 8:23 pm

Ramona, these are good topics for study. If one reads a bit into Matthew 18:4 on for full context you will see that we are as children learning the truth of the Kingdom. Just like a child learning to speak and adjust to social climates.
This is why when we teach the word to those, especially new to the truth, we must know it. If we give cause for a new member in Yeshuah to sin because we mis-inform or wrongly direct that person, we will be punished greatly for it. Another reason, tolerance for the bending of Yahwehs laws, is such a sin in itself. Another example is that children are innocent, so they should be cared for in the right way, giving them food (the word of Yahweh in this case), and letting them grow big and strong, thus creating productive people.
Good post Ramona, keeps us thinking.

Pastor Rob
Faithful Way Ministry
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Humble Spirit
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