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 A Study of Morality

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A Study of Morality Empty
PostSubject: A Study of Morality   A Study of Morality EmptyTue Apr 12, 2011 4:19 pm

Morality is not just an obligation equal in importance to the cult or religious obligations of Israel, but that morality is perhaps superior to the cult. The crimes that are denounced as being utterly unacceptable to Yahweh, infuriating Yahweh to the point of destruction of the nation of Israel, are the kinds of crimes we see around us everyday, taking bribes, improper weights and balances, lack of charity to the poor, indifference to the plight of the debtor. Injustice is sacrilege, the ideals of the covenant are of utmost importance. Prophets were sent to Israel, these prophets are called the standard bearers of the covenant, harking back to the covenant obligations. And without these, without the ideals of the covenant, the fulfillment of ritual obligations in and of itself is a farce. What Yahweh requires of Israel is morality and not cultic service. The prophets raised morality to the level of an absolute religious value, and they did so because they saw morality as essentially divine. The essence of Yahweh is his moral nature. Moral attributes are the essence of Yahweh himself, one strives to be Yahweh-like by his moral actions. Because of the length of this writing, read more at thatlifeyahwehhas blogspot

Always trying to learn more, thanks for the insight.

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A Study of Morality
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