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 Caesar wants more than money

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Pastor Rob
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Pastor Rob

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Caesar wants more than money Empty
PostSubject: Caesar wants more than money   Caesar wants more than money EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 9:07 pm

The statement, "give unto Caesar what is Caesars" is about more than the coin held up in the square. Like the statement, "when in Rome, do as the Romans" is a good example. If you are going to serve the Government when it goes against Yahweh's Law instead of serving Yahweh then you are giving to Caesar what is his. You must always keep in mind to Serve Yahweh and give unto Yahweh what is Yahweh's.
Most people do not think bout life and service to Yahweh like this, most are brainwashed by the Judeo-Christian philosophies that are taught. They think they must bow their knee to the Governments, the Church and even the bankers.
Yahweh is the only government, that is why we are told in the book of Revelation that Yeshuah will rule this WORLD with an Iron Rod. Note it says the world, in it's entirety. The Iron Rod means there will be no tolerance to wander off the path of our Fathers Laws. They will be Honored as He should be. Yeshuah gave us a warning when he noted that those jEws at the Temple where and are the children of Satan. Is it no wonder that the scriptures that we have, KJV, NIV, NWT and so forth are not entirely written in truth. This is what is meant that we must study to show ourselves approved, study in the Lexicon's and Concordances so you too will understand the truth. If you study with that depth you WILL realize that the bible most of us carry is just a guide book with mostly base statements. They are important after all, a child in the word must start on the easy path and gain experience as you go forth.
The Father is wise and everything you need to know the truth is in the scripture, but only if you study in the original words. The original churches, didn't give people more than they needed in intelligence, you must study. Otherwise we would be mislead and follow the worldy guides and become the jEws at the Temple of which Yeshuah spoke of.

Pastor Rob
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Caesar wants more than money
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