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 Psalms 27:4-6

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Psalms 27:4-6 Empty
PostSubject: Psalms 27:4-6   Psalms 27:4-6 EmptySat Apr 24, 2010 8:17 am

One thing I request for Yahweh,
One single thing I hope;
That I could live in Yahweh’s temple
All my life days!
I could watch Yahweh’s bliss in His sanctuary
and wait, that He response to me.

When danger is around me, He take me in His cottage.
He gave me safety in His tent, raise me in safe on the cliff.

Now I raise my head, I don’t fear my enemies,
Even if they are surround me.
I sacrifice to Yahweh in His sanctuary; I sacrifice and yell in joy,
I sing and play praise to the Yahweh.
(Psalms 27:4-6)

All sufferings are nothing, because these joys keep us upright. Even fear and anxiety are shut the door, Yeshuah came through that door and came inside and His disciples say peace be with you.
Yahweh’s Son with us travels, we are in safe from the flames, which those wear out, those who thrust us in flames.
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Psalms 27:4-6
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