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 For Sisters and Brothers

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PostSubject: For Sisters and Brothers   For Sisters and Brothers EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 5:10 am

Always love your sisters and brothers. You are priceless support for good and worse times to each others.

What is enough good reason to hate each others?

I love my little brothers and my cousin Jan is to me like little brother, I love you my sisters Jennifer, Roberta, Linda, Alena and brothers Robert, Ricky, David and Hogan.
I never can't believe that my brothers or my sisters, we could hate each others.

I heard about month ago my father's big sister Anneli and little brother Jasu were disowned each other and hated each others.

I asked to Anneli “How in earth this can be possible because you are same blut and flesh? You are siblings.”
Anneli answered to me “Fault to that is our parent's heritage partition”.

I started to think. How heritage partition can disown and inflame sisters and brothers relations?

Is very very sad how money greediness goes before sister and brother's relations.

Sadly is Anneli and Jasu are in now days in disowned.

Ich hope and pray Yahweh heal their hearts and give to them undrestanding between money greediness and sibling love. Ich hope they open their eyes and Anneli und Jasu see which is more important: money or sister's and brother's relation.
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Pastor Rob
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Pastor Rob

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PostSubject: Re: For Sisters and Brothers   For Sisters and Brothers EmptySat Apr 03, 2010 9:01 am

Gutten Abend Ramona, Wir gehts dir? I agree with dir post and that money is a no good reason for family to fall apart. It is common in this world though. If more people would trust in Yahweh GOD more than the worldly needs they aspire to gain, this would not be a problem.
I pray that one day people will quit using each other for financial gain in their personal lives, it is all about greed and self serving interests. The worst of these in my opinion is whore mongering and the flesh trade. People selling people against their will for money. If the people were in fact in any way shape or form Godly, or rightous they would help the other person with food or board or clothing in return for work or even biblical education. This would be better than spending the money to have a few minutes of pleasure and it would serve both people even better to the Lords work.
Drugs are the same thing, a leach or parasite feeding of the will of another, when they should be feeding them the word of Yahweh GOD rather than heroine or pot or whatever drug. Explain this to those who fight about money and the petty things it involves. Money is a tool to live with since this is how the social structure has evolved and we are forced to live this way. But through GOD all things resolve themselves, I know this for a fact as this is how it is with me and my family. Yahweh Bless You Ramona, Mein Schwester en GOTT.

Pastor Rob
Faithful Way Ministry
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PostSubject: Re: For Sisters and Brothers   For Sisters and Brothers EmptySun Apr 04, 2010 9:47 am

Gutten Morgen Robert! Mir geht’s gut, Danke. Wise words Mein Bruder Robert. Ja, Ich know that also fact, through GOD all things resolve themselves.

Danke, Mein Bruder en GOTT.

Ich want tell you story which is from Lappeenranta one and half years ago:

Ich knew girl Pia age 13 years old in Lappeenranta. She ran away from her home and she whored herself to the old drunkard men. Reasons why she did whoring was: She get lot of money, she get shelter from police and her parents, she get food and clothing and used LSD. (LSD is easily get in Lappeenranta because there is lot of drug plant growers).
My old freund Ville said to me „I hope you caught her before me.”. After that I went into forest, because I knew Pia will go into there.
I searched and searched her from forest, I was furious about her acts, whoring.
Ville went into his car and he also started search Pia.

I was four hours into woods and I didn't found her. Finally I went to the corner store, where old drunkard men always pass time. I started to talk with them:
“Have you seen girl 173 cm tall, brown long hair, brown eyes, black clothes in today?”
They grinned to me and laughed
“You mean young woman 19 years old, maybe? She was really good!”
I shouted to them, I was furious
“NOT A WOMAN! I don't know what she have talked to you about her age, but TRUTH IS: HER REAL AGE IS 13 YEARS! SHE IS CHILD!”
Drunkard men went in silence nobody didn't grin or laugh or smile. I saw their guilty, their guilty shined from their eyes. I softened my voice
“So I go now back to my home and call police. Thank you for information.”
I went to home and gave all information what I get to Ville. Ville take care talking with police. Police went drunkard's home and found Pia in there. Police confiscate all what wasn't Pia's assets.

Next morning I went to smoking on my yard and suddenly I found Pia sitting on ground and sobbing.
I sit next to her and asked her feelings. She yell to me
“You and Ville are bloody >>>>>>!”
I slapped her on her neck just little as she felt that.
“Do you know how stupid were you doings! Whoring and LSD using! You are 13 years old. You are CHILD! What you gain with whoring? Pleasure? Money?”
She nodded to me ”Yes.”
I said to her “You get only dirty money and pleasure... With that pleasure you have teared on pieces your spirituality. Always when people have one night sex different partner they tear on pieces their spirituality.”
Pia shouted to me “I am sure you know better if you know that much!”.
I went silence, I was shocked about her reply. Ville came to smoking and asked to me “What you doing here Ramona?”
“I am trying to talk sense to Pia.” I answered tiredly.
“You can forget that. No one can talk sense to her. Pia if you were my daughter I shall gave you good discipline lesson!” Ville shouted.
Pia swear and get inside her home.

Ville said to me “My my... Pia's every other word is sex... She talk about it like every day bread.”
I said to him “Today's world is different. In old times everything were gutt...”
He answered “Yes. You are right. Thank GOD nothing worse wasn't happened.”
I answered "Yes. Danke fur GOTT im HIMMEL!"

Yahweh Bless you und keep you in safe, Mein Bruder Robert!
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PostSubject: Re: For Sisters and Brothers   For Sisters and Brothers Empty

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For Sisters and Brothers
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