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 For Children

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PostSubject: For Children   For Children EmptyFri Apr 02, 2010 4:45 am

There isn’t greater gift what mother and father can give for you.
They give life for you, they give chance to live here on Earth.

Parents sometimes make mistakes like yell to you, give you hard discipline or don't want notice you, but does that mean your mother and father hate you?
Remember this: Your parents loves you now and always.

Parents who are raised in old raising method “shall not show love for your children, shall not praise your children, lest children become arrogant”.
They can't say words “I love you.”
I give example my own mother. My mother never have said to me “I love you”, she don't hug me, she don't want to talk with me long times. She sent me to there earthly Hell, because she thought that place “cure” me. But that place was actually Hell and she didn't know that. That place changed me like little devil, things were more difficult and badly wrong.

I have forgiven her about her mistake when she putted me in there earthly Hell.
In deep inside my heart I know clearly she loves me.

Even we grow up to the adults and have our own family and children, in our own father and mother's eyes we are still their little beloved daughters and sons.
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Pastor Rob
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PostSubject: Re: For Children   For Children EmptySat Apr 03, 2010 9:10 am

This is true for many people, but you have followed the commandment, Honor thy Mother and Father, by coming to Yahweh GOD and choosing to live as a good person you are in fact being honorable to your parents name. To dishonor them would be to live as the world requires, in sin and hate. This is a good post for this example.
danke und GOTT segnen Sie Ramona.

Pastor Rob
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For Children
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