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 Family's Importance

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PostSubject: Family's Importance   Family's Importance EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 5:02 am

>>But if someone don't care his/her close relative and especially his/her family members, then he/she is forbid trust and he/she is worse than infidel.<< First letter to Timothy 5:8

Family is important thing in people's life. Parent's love, discipline, guide and teach their children, elders give important knowledge about life. Family is safeguard from world's evilness, family is support in bad times and joyful in good times. Family always band together. Is wrong if he/she abandon his/her family for earthly reasons, like cheat his/her wife/husband, greed of money or just huge selfishness. He/ her is worse than infidel!
Family members are same flesh and blood.

I could give example for flesh and blood:
Tony had fought with Jan and they were like war enemies to each others. Jan wanted to peace after year but Tony didn't wanted. I knew reason for their fight, I asked to Tony ”Brother. If I say same sentence than Jan to you, do you hate me and then fight with me?”.
Tony freezed for minutes, he said and hugged me: ”No no. I can't hate you. You are my sister. We are same flesh and blood, why we must hate each others. I can't never hate you.”
I said: ”Please then make peace with Jan, he have been upset for you two's hate. He love you like brother. Tony, don't be like Cain and Abel. Jan isn't from same flesh and blood, but he is our brother spiritually. You know that.”
Tony answerd: ”Okay. I must confess, I have been lonely without that hyperactive brother.”

I have told you only family which you have raised, your parents, sisters and brothers.

I have this in my mind too:
I have though christians are one big family.

We have band together in worse times, prayed each others. We have joyed in good times.
We are each other sisters and brothers in Yahweh. I am so thankful and blessed, that I talk with you and I know you are my family. Between us is peace and love.
We are each others support and safeguard on Kingdom of Earth from world's evilness.
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PostSubject: Re: Family's Importance   Family's Importance EmptyMon Jan 11, 2010 4:38 pm

God bless you Ramona you just made my day, and that's exactly right family is the most important thing in the world. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Family's Importance   Family's Importance EmptyMon Jan 11, 2010 6:52 pm

My own family wasn't close. My parents were not Christian. My father used to tell stories of his parents getting him up at 4:00 AM to memorize bible verses. He would stand for hours with his cousins learning to memorize the bible. He was 4. It was a very bad experience for him. His brother went on to become a preacher and his older sister married a preacher. But my dad, well, he didn't have much use for God after that. He knew the bible, though! He would answer all the bible questions on Jeopardy!
I don't even know if my mom believes in God or not. I never wanted to hear her talk about the "bible thumpers" because once she got going, UGH! She could get downright ugly about it.

You here, you people, and my husband and kids, are the closest I have as far as family. You are all in my thoughts every day. I am so glad to have all of you in my life and in my children's life.

Paul was right to tell Timothy that if you can't care for your own family, you are worse than an unbeliever. It is a pretty powerful statement, that if you can't even care about your own family, you are not worth Yahweh's time.

It is so sad that we are now in a government that is talking about people, older people, as if they have no right to life. These people will have a lot to explain when they stand before their God and He asks, "What in the world were you thinking!?!?!?"

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PostSubject: Family's Importance   Family's Importance EmptySun Jan 17, 2010 12:46 pm

I am the only one living that I know of out of my entire family that has accepted Christ, attends church, reads the bible etc. So no I don't get to share that with my family. My grandfather coming out of the Masonic Lodge and other at an elderly age, sent me my first bible. After his wife and son died around him, my dad and grandma died back to back pretty horrendous "things". Anyways my grandfather turned to Christ instead of the Lodge, and began studying the word. He passed back in 94.

My mother went through a period where she was learning bible, reading, bible studies, and the people leading her to Christ were well um shall we say not truly following Christ but other stuff. Her anger and hurt turned her off from that.

I am grateful for the forum, and my local church. I have been attending there about 14 months, and feel like they know me, watch me etc.

All for now. Jennifer
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PostSubject: Re: Family's Importance   Family's Importance Empty

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Family's Importance
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