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 Rest In Peace In Yahweh's Loving Arms.

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Rest In Peace In Yahweh's Loving Arms. Empty
PostSubject: Rest In Peace In Yahweh's Loving Arms.   Rest In Peace In Yahweh's Loving Arms. EmptySun Dec 20, 2009 7:26 am

My Brothers and Sisters, Yesterday I had awful day and it made me to think different things about me and Crista.

I wanted to make place like this in here forum.
In here you all can write your last message for your friend or closest relatives or pet (pet be come like family member) who have sleeped away. Don't let your spirit go in deep sorrow, rejoice because he/she is now in Yahweh's loving arms in Heaven.

I wanted to do this for my dear Crista..
*deep sigh*
I lost my friend Crista 18.12.2009. I tried to help her, cutt off her chain of Satan. She lived 22.11.1991 – 18.12.2009 She was just get in 18-year old.

This is last message which I want to give her:

When you lived and I talked with you only that one night. I get your opinions for different things and you told me about your life. I saw in your eyes loving person, who wanted to be saved, that because you came to me crying. I wiped with my hands your tears of pain and I told you about Yahweh. You don't wanted to hear that. You scared Satan and his works what he could do if you stayed to listened to me. That because you attacked towards me, I understand you. You wasn't never bad person. I loved you like sister.

I am really happy you showed to me last night and smiled to me. You said to me “You haven't need to cry for me anymore because I am now in peace.”

I saw, you were free from Satan's chains, you were joyful and dressed in pure white dress and your hair wasn't black anymore, your hair were golden brown.

My and My Sisters and Brothers prayers set your soul free.
Crista, Rest in Peace in Yahweh's loving arms. We are going to see each other later, my dear young friend Crista.

When I said this, I prayed that she heard my last message.
I bow in front of you and Deeply Thank you all my Brothers and Sisters!

GOD Bless you all and keep you in safe!

- Ramona -
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Rest In Peace In Yahweh's Loving Arms.
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